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Wish you could visualize your next exterior before you begin building or remodeling? Our HomePlay design tool lets you preview a variety of siding, trim and other exterior elements and virtually customize your own home. Just upload an image. Or if you’re interested in home styles that resemble your own, choose from one of our pre-mapped homes.

Virtual remodeling is genuinely awesome.

Whether it's your first time using HomePlay or your tenth, you'll never run out of elements to design - from siding and trim styles to door, window and shutter colors.

Ready for more designing?

Just log in here and pick up where you left off.

Ready for more designing?

Don’t stop now. There are plenty of home, elements, textures, and colors left to explore.

Upload an image of your home.

It only takes a couple of steps and a few minutes, so just follow the instructions below.

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If you'd rather not upload images of your home, please share your home address here. It will generate a photo through Google Streetview, which will enable us to create a 2D model.

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We used the address you provided to grab an image from Google Streetview. Please confirm this preview accurately represents your property. The house should be unobstructed and in the center of the frame

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